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Dr. Dion Gouws

Dr. Dion Gouws

Founder & CEO

Welcome to a new way of approaching strategic planning and dealing with financial issues, where transformational leadership meets unparalleled expertise. 

A Journey of Purpose

Dion’s journey began amidst the turbulent backdrop of the Angolan War, where he served as a South African conscript for two years. This formative experience awakened his awareness of the harsh realities of apartheid, igniting a passion for change.

Initially setting his sights on a career in orthopedic surgery, Dion’s path took an unexpected turn as he joined the struggle against apartheid. His early activism involved standing up for black student detainees and delivering books to those unjustly held by the apartheid government.

A Life of Resilience and Learning

After four years of involvement in the struggle, Dion’s journey led him to exile in the United Kingdom, where he worked in janitorial services while pursuing higher education through distance learning. His determination culminated in an MBA from the Edinburgh Business School.

Dion’s unwavering commitment to South Africa’s transformation brought him back upon Nelson Mandela’s release. He actively contributed to the movement to rebuild a new democratic South Africa, initially articling for an accounting firm and later joining the National AIDS Program of South Africa.

Navigating New Horizons

Dion’s journey then led him to the aviation sector, where he became a principal consultant for the government. In this role, he addressed demographic imbalances and safety concerns through the African Civil Aviation Commission, collaborating closely with esteemed psychology faculty and postgraduate students.

Leveraging his grassroots organizing experiences with NEHAWU, Dion consulted on policy frameworks for aviation and transportation sectors, drafted legislation, and represented South Africa on the international stage, including at the International Civil Aviation Organization.

A Passion for Nature and Wildlife

Dion’s deep affinity for nature and animals guided him to the Center for Wildlife Management at the University of Pretoria, where he became involved in Operation Noah’s Ark. This ambitious project aimed to restore the fauna of Angola, starting with the rejuvenation of Kissama National Park.

In a groundbreaking move, Dion proposed transporting animals by air, including family groups of elephants—a first-ever achievement in elephant relocation by air. Over four years, he tirelessly cared for and protected these animals while overseeing a wide range of initiatives, from reestablishing tourism infrastructure to launching tourism activities, overseeing social reintegration of local communities, and combating poaching.

Recognized for Excellence

Dion’s remarkable journey and contributions have been celebrated with a Congressional Certificate of Recognition. This honor underscores his dedication to positive change and transformative leadership.

Leading the Way in Team Coaching

In 2017, Dion developed expertise in business Team Coaching as a strategic planning tool, playing a pivotal role in infusing entrepreneurship principles into the curriculum. Through grassroots consultation, he established the Changemaker Lab program, which he has passionately led for the past six years.

Our team coaching program, rooted in the award-winning Partus method developed in Finland, has garnered recognition from ASHOKA as a catalyst for change and was accredited by Tiimiakatemia Global in 2022.

Unleash Your Team’s Potential

We believe in the transformative power of resilience, adaptability, and unwavering dedication to positive change. Dion’s life journey exemplifies our core belief: individuals collaborating and innovating in teams can be great catalysts for transformative impact, and our team coaching leadership inspires organizations to unlock their fullest potential.

Coaching Advisory

Our Team of Expert Coaches

As the Head Team Coach of the firm I am priviledged to have access to a network of wonderful people who are individuals well experienced in the Team Academy / Tiimiakatemia Team Coaching systems. Many are seeking coaching challenges to further their individual experiential learning goals.  For larger engagements they serve as coaches in this firm. They come from varied backgrounds, PhD’s is Dynamical Systems Mathematics, Agri Scientists, Biologists and industry expertise in Food Services and some old souls who bring their youth to the dialogue. Most have experience as CEO’s and some others have experience coaching CEO’s. All coaches are supervised by Tiimiakatemia® Certified Head Coaches.

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