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25+ years of professional and academic experience.


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What we Do

We are unique and cover an Array of Professional Business Services

Business Consulting and Team Coaching as an Advisory Service

Award winning business and organizational team coaching
This is new and this is award winning! Inspired by the experience of years of Tiimiakatemia certified team coaching, we as a firm embrace a “learning by doing” ethos when providing advisory services by coaching teams of organizations. This approach is fortified by over three decades of practical entrepreneurial change making experience, teamwork, extensive scholarly research, professional training, and a widespread global footprint.


Individual & Corporate Taxes

Why use a Professional
Filing a seemingly straightforward tax return can prove to be perplexing. It’s remarkably simple to miss out on eligible deductions and credits. Even when utilizing a computer software program, nothing compares to the guidance provided by a seasoned tax professional.

Conflict Resolution & Restorative Dialogue Circles – Bridging the Political Divide

Dialogue sessions and training sessions are held to develop strategic plans, business models, entity choices and to develop leadership.
Empowering Conversations with Transformative Results

In the dynamic landscape of collaboration, conflicts can arise. Enter Conflict Circles—a structured, empathetic approach that fosters open dialogue and resolution. By providing a safe space for all voices to be heard, Conflict Circles unlock innovative solutions and strengthen team cohesion. Elevate your conflict resolution strategy with this powerful tool and watch your team thrive.”

IRS Problem Resolution

We have an excellent track record with the IRS

As a seasoned tax professional, I want you to know that I bring a track record of excellence to the table. I’ve achieved a remarkable 100% success rate in defending our clients’ returns prepared by us during audits, demonstrating my commitment to meticulous preparation and thorough understanding of tax regulations. Furthermore, my expertise extends to tax court appeals, where I’ve also maintained a flawless 100% success rate. This solid record reflects my dedication to ensuring your financial interests are safeguarded with the utmost diligence and expertise.

Social Purpose Strategic Planning, Not for Profit Audits, 990 and Management Consulting

Do you have Leading thoughts or a Strategic Plan which is motivating your entire team?

 A organization predominantly driven by social purpose needs a Strategic Plan. We go the extra mile in strategic planning and get the entire team on board, work with them during launch and possibly execution while the Team learns how to do so themselves, next time.

Our firm boasts significant expertise in financial and yellow book audits for a diverse clientele, ranging from Olympic bodies and United Nations organizations to religious institutions and city entities. Additionally, we are well-versed in conducting A-133 audits.


About Us

Diverse Clientele: Tax, Audit, and Consulting Expertise

My journey as principal and CEO of this Professional Services Firm has led me to work with a wide spectrum of clients, spanning the realms of tax, audit, and consulting. On the tax front, I’ve had the privilege of assisting the range of clients from high net worth individuals those facing severe financial constraints. This spectrum extends to encompass an array of businesses, not-for-profit organizations and governments.

At the core, we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive support and guidance to our clients, tailoring our services to meet their specific needs. Whether it’s navigating complex tax matters, conducting meticulous audits, or fostering collaborative and high-performing teams, we’re here to help you achieve your goals.

“If you really want to see the future of management education, you should see Team Academy.” Peter Senge made this comment over a decade ago about the Team Academy model of entrepreneurship education which we apply systematically to business or organizational team development.
Peter Senge

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