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Not for profit Auditing Services can be found by clicking here.

We serve our not-for-profit non audit clients' management and  boards by acting as a business resource that may not otherwise be available.

We assist with strategic planning, management decisions, bookkeeping, nonprofit business planning, benefits programs, and grant and fund-raising reporting. We keep our clients informed of IRS developments and changes in reporting standards and unrelated business income rules.

Not for Profit services include:

Nonprofit status applications both federal and state.

Form 990 preparation.

Board Representation - Honorary Treasury Function on a Charitable Basis.

 Audit Services



Our bookkeeping services are done with QuickBooks. We offer a full write-up service. We will collect your records weekly or monthly and provide you with your reports usually within one week for current write-ups.


Should you decide to outsource with us we will assist you with the integration of QuickBooks on-site when you are ready to do so. No additional set-up or conversions will be necessary, we will run it FOR YOU till you need it. Outsourcing can also be done online


We offer a full range of payroll solutions and can design them to meet your need; full service solutions, control of an in-house solution or simply general advice and calculations. We can assist you to automate your payroll tasks which will significantly reduce chances of entry errors. If you currently use QuickBooks we will assist you to manage payroll inside QuickBooks.


We offer the full range of QuickBooks advisory and implementation services. We understand that different businesses have different needs and will tailor your QuickBooks application in full consideration of your size, functionality, industry and platform needs.

QuickBooks offer solutions for specific application such as Contractors, Nonprofits, Manufacturing and Wholesale, Retail, Professional Services and Point of Sale Merchant Services.


Our bookkeeping services are done with QuickBooks. Should you decide to outsource with us we will assist you with the integration of QuickBooks on-site when you are ready to do so. No additional set-up or conversions will be necessary, we will run it FOR YOU till you need it.


We are able to perform these services on-site or off-site. We are also able to assist you with the interlinking of your QuickBooks applications with excellent online banking services such as those offered by Wells Fargo Bank with whom we have an excellent working relationship.


A strategic business plan forms the basis of any business. In many cases we have the plan in our minds. When business begins to grow and you find more and more issues needing your attention you need to have a system of checks and balances in place. A business that grows too fast without the necessary checks and balances such as; accounting systems, tax strategies, expense monitoring and cost cutting programs, revenue management procedures, debt compliance monitoring to mention a few is well on its way to failure. The analogy of towers that can fall over easily and pyramids don't because of the solid base goes a long way to depicting a rapidly growing business and its strategic plan. 

Make sure you have a strategic plan in place from which you can compile a company profile for financiers or lenders and also very importantly a starting point for business budgeting, proper accounting and optimal tax planning.

Call today for a discussion on what Strategic Planning involves and how we can assist you in formulating such a plan. 


Key in any tax planning is the choice of business entity. This is true whether you are considering a medical practice, a manufacturing concern or a non profit entity. We can assist you with advising on the most appropriate entity both from a liability perspective and a tax perspective and can also form these entities for you.

If you decide on a not for profit entity we can assist you in the application process for non profit status on both a state and federal level.


Dion has been involved with extensive negotiations at all levels for most of his career. He has done so on behalf of a number of governments and businesses. If you need someone to negotiate with a third party on your behalf or you need someone to act as an undisclosed principal on your behalf he will be happy to assist

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