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I.R.S. enlists outside agencies to collect Delinquent Taxes

IRS Announces Pension Plan Limitations for 2007

IRS limits tax break for HRA transfers

Active-Duty Reservists Get Relief on Retirement Plan Payments: Refunds of 10-Percent Tax Available Back to 2001, New Law Says

Additional Toyota and Lexus Vehicles Certified for the Energy Tax Credit

Questions & Answers on Combat Zone Tax Provisions for our Military Personnel


  Income Tax Return Preparation

  Income Tax Planning 

  Corporate Preparation 

  Partnership Preparation 

  Fiduciary Preparation 

  Not for profit Preparation 

  Write ups 

  Hedge Fund taxes

  Offers in compromise
  Installment agreements
  Filing of delinquent tax returns
  Representation before the IRS
  Complex Tax Returns
  Innocent Spouse cases
  Divorce Tax issues
  IRS Notices
  IRS Problems
  Penalty abatement

  IRS Audit Representation



I realize that  some clients such as our traders and not only them, prefer scuba diving, flying and such things, so for hassle free tax preparation I follow the following procedure when completing your return. You may avail yourself of this service at any time of the year, simply request the electronic organizer. The downloads of you stock sales are also done electronically by utilizing my electronic organizer.

Also offered is a specialized service for the high net worth tax payer which includes all aspects of  hedge funds and also includes the area of estate planning for the high net worth individual as defined by law. Please contact me regarding this program.


Due to its complex nature most of the aspects below are ideally dealt with in 5 - 8 day facilitation programs. Programs  include aspects of Estate Planning and Asset Protection. Please call for a discussion on scope. 


Hedge Fund Planning and Formation 

Tax Court Representation

Mark to Market Elections 

Securities, Commodities & Dealer/Trader Tax Returns

Hedge Fund Structuring for Income Tax Minimization 

Hedge Fund Income Tax Consulting and Filing 

Trader Tax Planning 

Hedge Fund Controller Function Outsourcing 

Chief Compliance Officer Function Outsourcing 

Hedge Fund Accounting and Reporting 

Hedge Fund Auditing, Compilations and Reviews

Tax Efficient Offshore Corporate Structure Planning and Formation 

Offshore Fund Auditing  

Hedge Fund Research and Consulting 

SEC Regulatory Compliance Filing 

Other hedge fund issues such as PPLI





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Income Tax Services include the areas of tax preparation, tax planning and tax planning strategy implementation, as well as IRS problem resolution, IRS representation and offers in compromise. Tax planning covers tax planning for the year ahead, withholdings estimates,  business succession planning, estate planning and minimizing the value of the estate. Tax preparation services cover the filing of all returns including individual, partnerships, trader taxes, corporate, not for profit, trusts, estates and other fiduciary returns.  


Tax law is complicated and intricate and has many facets.  If an area is not listed give me a call and I will tell you if the service is offered or will refer you to a professional that does. 


I realize there is risk in linking up with a service provider. As part of that process, I always provide a free initial consultation. I cordially invite you to learn more about the firm, its services, and how they may help you and your business.


One of the objectives in estate planning is to avoid excessive estate taxes and generation skipping transfer taxes. This may be accomplished for example by establishing trusts and utilizing privately placed life insurance and incorporating optimal gifting strategies to provide steady income streams. As John D. Rockefeller put it "The best way to circumvent taxation is to give it all away." Also in the NEWS TODAY, The Bush administration plans to cut nearly in half the number of auditors who review tax returns of some of the wealthiest U.S. taxpayers.


Whatever your tax needs, we may have a solution for you. You spend a large percentage of your annual income on income taxes, for many it is as high as 45%. Surely with such a huge expense you need to use a professional that possesses the requisite education and knowledge to assist you with your tax preparation and planning. 


"Over and over again courts have said that there is nothing sinister in so arranging one's affairs as to keep taxes as low as possible. Everybody does so, rich or poor; and all do right, for nobody owes any public duty to pay more tax than the law demands; taxes are enforced exactions, not voluntary contributions." - Judge Learned Hand, 1947


Why use a CPA?


CPA's perform a number of tasks when preparing your tax returns. It is not simply the entry of data into a computer program. We undertake the steps outlined under the preparation process when preparing your tax returns.


CPA experience assures a quality return, minimizing both taxes and the risk of taxpayer penalties. CPAs have technical and strategic expertise to work on all tax returns, including the most complex and sophisticated. CPAs provide a full array of tax planning and other client services, far beyond preparing a tax return.


CPA's make use of the most advanced tax preparation software. I make use of the top rated  Lacerte software. Utilizing such software enables us to utilize many checks and balances and ensures accuracy in the preparation of forms and schedules. The software also enable us to keep you up to date with changes in tax laws and regulations based on your particular situation and to optimize your tax planning opportunities.


CPA tax practitioners are regulated by the Department of the Treasury's Circular 230 which sets high practice standards that don't apply to most tax return preparers, including commercial preparers.




Preparation of resident tax returns

  • Careful research and preparation of your personal income tax returns with the objective of calculating the lowest federal and state income tax that you owe by law. 

  • Determining what income is taxable and what is not  to ensure you pay tax only on the income the law requires.

  • Checking all allowable deductions, adjustments and credits to ensure that we identify every personal and business deduction or credit to which you are legally entitled. 

  • Checking different filing status to see whether a couple will pay the lowest tax by filing joint or separate tax returns.

  • Calculating all possible options for part-year state residents to ensure clients claim the largest deductions and exemptions allowed resulting in the lowest state tax due.

Tax preparation for U.S. Citizens & resident aliens working overseas

  • Taxpayers who meet certain requirements can exempt up to $80,000 per year in earned income from U.S. Taxation.

Tax withholding and estimated tax calculation


Tax withholding calculation to ensure your employer withholds enough from your paychecks to avoid a big tax due next April, but also to ensure that not too much is withheld so that you avoid giving the IRS an interest-free loan of excess withholding for the year and estimated tax calculation to ensure you pay enough tax on income not subject to withholding to avoid tax penalties when you file your return.


Refund review


Look-back at previous tax returns to identify additional tax deductions or credits that may entitle you to an additional refund of federal or state tax already paid in a prior year.  Basic review done at no charge.



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If you have not filed your returns or you have returns that have been outstanding for many years, make use of the IRS voluntary compliance program. The firm can negotiate with the IRS and other tax authorities on your behalf. Bring your tax filing up to date by starting today. If the IRS is notified before they begin criminal investigation you can prevent criminal prosecution by filing overdue returns and taking part in the voluntary compliance program. Don't wait until you receive notices, that may be too late. Contact me today so that we can discuss your situation.


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 Dion Gouws CPA licensed in the State of California. My services are categorized under Business Support Services which include areas such as bookkeeping including QuickBooks accounting and management consulting; Auditing which covers all areas of attestation and review services and; Income Tax Services which include tax planning, preparation, tax court representation and consulting. Please review the summaries on the left, they will in turn guide you to the relevant specialty areas.   CPA tax practitioners are regulated by the Department of the Treasury's Circular 230 which sets high practice standards that don't apply to most tax return preparers, including commercial preparers. For text see IRS Circular 230.


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